BlackBerry KEY2 Keyboard Tricks

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BlackBerry KEY2's keyboard

Some of these are well-known and well-documented by BlackBerry Mobile but it took me months of usage to discover others by accident or endless trial.

Tapping and swiping the keyboard won’t work for BlackBerry KEY2 LE as its keyboard doesn’t have a capatitive layer.

They might work on BlackBerry KeyOne too but I can’t tell for sure.

  1. Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C,…

    Shortcuts & gestures settings allow us to map the currency key to Ctrl. I don’t work in business or finance so I don’t really mind an extra step to write a currency symbol. Just head into Settings and look for “currency key”. There you can map it to Ctrl key or whatever seems helpful to you. Ctrl+T for new tab in Firefox works as well.

  2. Toggle quick settings without touching the screen

    BlackBerry allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts for each letter – toggle Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Using a 3rd party app, you can also use the Speed Key + letter to toggle screen rotation or open the notification shade/quick settings. More on that in this article (not published yet).

  3. Move the Caret

    While typing, double-tap the physical keyboard. Then, you can slide your finger left or right over the keyboard to move the caret. You can also use the soft keys that appear at the bottom of the screen. Very smooth and precise.

  4. Another Way to Move the Caret

    While typing, double-tap the physical keyboard. Then, tap the left- or right-hand side of the physical keyboard. The caret will move left or right by 1 character.

  5. And Yet Another!

    By default, quick modes appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the ABC button to open this virtual joypad:

  6. Select text without touching the screen

    While typing, press and hold Shift for a while. After a Shift icon appears in the status bar (at the very top of the screen), keep holding Shift and slide your finger over the keyboard.

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